Attempt to Bring Islam in Islamabad

I really don’t remember when did I last read an Urdu book but getting into flashback reminds me of ‘Hawayaan’ by Dr. Raouf Parekh. I didn’t read the whole book but an extract of it in a magazine titled as ‘Rahnuma-e-Karachi’. I’m not going to discuss what Dr. Saheb has written about Karachi here, but what about Islamabad. He says that Capital was brought to Islamabad via train in a great haste, but Islam couldn’t come here only the city got ‘abad’.

Though I wanted to write about the issue since the day it was observed, but couldn’t find any point to write on. Today while just remembering this writing of Dr Saheb, I happened to catch a point to write on. I think the authorities at Lal Masjid might have read this piece of writing by Dr Saheb and this made them to attempt to bring Islam in Islamabad.

Well, the issue is not that light I’ve started with. It’s has some deep roots, and of course ultimate and hazardous consequences. As a whole it was not only an attempt to destroy the peace of innocent citizens but also to deploy the image of Pakistan on international arena. Let’s forget the international aspect for a moment; the effects at national level are also not of less importance.

Whatever the culprits have done and are responded accordingly is not the matter to discuss now. What should be the future strategies is the major issue. What should a normal citizen do, what are the responsibilities of government and what steps to be taken by the religious leaders are the major points to focus on.

Being an average citizen, I’m of the opinion to start the re construction of our attitudes within our selves. Don’t look at what the others are doing; just consider what’s in the maximum benefit of the whole group. Islam as I’ve explained with examples in my past posts doesn’t support violence at any stage, it is peace; peace of soul at individual and group level. And for me every that thing which stimulates violence doesn’t come in the circle of Islam, hence what I’ve concluded is that the Hafsah Defiance and the Lal Masjid Issue as it was basically aimed to create violence among the general masses, cannot be categorized as an act within the limits of Islam. This is what I think, people are free to agree or disagree.

Government along with many other executive duties is not solely responsible for the act, as the act falls in the category of terrorism. And the main cause of all kinds of terrorism is the ‘lust of power’. But one thing that needs to be built on strategic grounds is the effective communication between government and the religious leaders.

And finally what I expect from religious leaders is to present the essence of Islam using the mass media. They can unite the broken links of the society at this time. Along with religious leaders I expect from the authorities who are controlling the political system of Pakistan while being away at continents’ distance to be loyal to the people and to guide their followers in the right way.

4 Responses

  1. And i just kept wondering,and was LOLing at these lines “Capital was brought to Islamabad via train in a great haste, but Islam couldn’t come here only the city got ‘abad'”.

    BTW thats one hell of an article you wrote, DAWN needs you;)

  2. Oh Khushal! m’ just thinking to give a try to DAWN. Let’s see!

  3. Awesome, i really love the first paragraph of the whole writing!

  4. @Zulfikar

    Thanks a lot for liking my effort!


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