Recalling my memories……….!

Some two weeks back I happened to be there on a tour to northern areas. After a long long time of stress and continuous work, it was a great pleasure to have an outing like this. Though the tour was a short one consisted of two days only, but the amount of enjoyment I had was countless. I wish that time could last forever, but nothing can be done now. It was none too difficult if I would have been aware of the benefits of camcorders by that time and would have one in my hands.

The portable device with superb functions though doesn’t take you physically to the memorable past, but lets you in there mentally. Now I’m back to work and recall my memories to get relaxed, but I’d have enjoyed much if I’d have been able to display the events again and again to get refreshed. By next time I hope to have a camcorder with me, so will I recommend my readers to have such.

Past events though do not make progress in your life, but memorable moments reenergize you if they are repeated frequently. Making life happy is all in your hand, just make it the way you want.

5 Responses

  1. I’ll always keep that in mind


  2. Bolay tu aik dam mast trip tha shaid, kay you ended up blogging about it!

    Even i have a one week amazing tour to Azad Kashmir and had great experiences but damn i even had a camcorder and took a few pics and made some vids yet couldn’t find time to blog about it;)


  3. @Khushal

    Well, I’d be happy if you spare some time to get those images uploaded on web. I’m eager to see what my dearest Azad Kashmir would have felt on your visit. 😉

  4. Count me in on this one..

    Please blog abt it.. I want to see those pics.. 😀


  5. Bilal you could have asked me for a blog post on that in my own blog;)

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