Take a Food Break, Get Thinky Again!

The dilemma most of the writers face is that sometimes they don’t have anything to write on. Being a writer, I also happen to suffer from this situation. Many people find different ways out of it, but for me the only thing at this moment I need is to get relaxed in order to reenergize my thoughts and potentials. And you cannot get relaxed if you’re hungry, so the first thing to do is to find something to eat. Let’s start with my favorite foods, i.e. pasta, macaroni, pizza, biryani and much more. Some of them take parallel time to get cooked, but if you keep some pasta and spaghetti recipes at your desk, that’s more than wonderful.

Keeping recipes lets you make your favorite food ready within a short span of time. You’re half relaxed after having a delicious food of your choice. Now comes the time to get relaxed fully. You can have a little walk; can listen to your favorite music or whatever makes you feel refreshed.

Having a little break oils the stuck ideas and makes you more competent than before. Don’t let yourself crushed under the loads of professional duties, give a little time to yourself, and make life easy by keeping the instant solutions at your desk.

3 Responses

  1. wow… that made my day.But i need to work.
    I will think on these lines, to be more productive.
    Post some recipes..

    PS. I know nothing about cooking..

  2. @billish

    I myself m’ not an expert cook. My area of expertise is only and only writing. Well, I’ll soon grab some recipes for you.


  3. Thanks 🙂

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