What An Employer Is Looking In You?

The present corporate culture and the growth of industries brought some revolutionary changes in the work description and thus the appearance of jobs also took evolutionary stages. This has resulted in totally different trends in the job specifications. Employers are seeking individuals with maximum capabilities to handle the physical and behavioral work elements. Thus the contemporary job culture requires some specific traits and qualities in candidate. These qualities and traits may vary in accordance with the job specifications in different sectors, but in general these are same. They may be as follows:

Professional attitude

Willingness to work and learn

Interest in the field

Interest in the company

Reasonable attitude towards the compensation

Integrity and sincerity




Expression power

Organization and Management



Force of drive


Balanced personality

Good communication skills


Not everyone possesses all these traits, but some of them. It is, however, none too difficult to develop these traits through some external force, i.e. making and effort yourself. The more skills and traits you have the more chances of success are there for you.

The organizations actually look for their productivity first, and the traits mentioned above all result in the organizational productivity. That is what the reason organizations look for these traits in a single individual. By developing all these traits in you, you are not only letting the organization grow great guns but also develop the horizons of excellence for yourself. Having these traits developed in you, your skills get polished and your professional profile gets a boost.

The point to ponder in this regard is that how to develop these characteristics within yourself. This development is just a few steps away from you. Keep an Argus eye on surroundings, be updated with the latest trends in your field, keep on reviewing the industry of your concern, take good car of your health, keep alternative plans with you, respect the others’ views, explore new opportunities of learning, develop yourself to face all sort of challenges. By doing a little effort in this way you can become one employers looking for, so why not to give it a try.

7 Responses

  1. There is a lack of reading habits in the young people of our part of the World. I believe that good reading habits can help individuals to shape their personality in a better way.

    Good job Qurratulain!

  2. Thanks billish!

  3. you are welcome

    I think you need to write something that’s going on these days amongst graduates regarding the selection of their specialization. I would be interested to read specifically about the Business School specializations i.e. Marketing, Finance, HRM, Supply Chain MGT. I mean what is common and what is not. why they prefer one on another? Do they take their decisions after being influenced by the reference groups i.e. their families, teachers, friends.

    All the best

  4. @billish

    I myself am doing my M. Phil in Human Resources Management, and my thesis on Career Planning is on the way. I’ve written a lot on such issues but won’t be able to publicly display it until I get my degree. Anyways, I’ll try my best to provide you with the latest trends and developments in the fields of your choice.


  5. Yes, I understand that you can’t publicize your Thesis before it is approved and graded. But I will be hoping to read more about all such issues catering to disciplines like HRM and Marketing in the coming days. The fact is that there is a dearth of such text (authentic text). I found your writings to be purposeful and very much applicable in the real settings.

    All the best for you M. Phil Thesis

    P.S. I’m about to do my research, which is related to advertising, but I will expect you to help me with that. I will appreciate your guidelines for that matter.


  6. @bilish

    Thanks a lot for appreciating my writings. And I’ll certainly attempt to write on the issues you’ve mentioned. Regarding your research on advertising stuff, I’m here to help you out.


  7. Thanks a lot…


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