Self Audit, The Success Tool

Auditing yourself is not a financial examination of your account here; instead it’s the examination of your own behaviors and the comparison of the same with the normal behaviors. Before applying for a specific job, if one audits himself, it’s nothing less than planned and organized utilization of one’s abilities and potentials. Self Audit gives you the better understanding of yourself, helping you to trace and rate your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, aspirations, attitudes, likes and dislikes.

As a result of such an audit, you learn to construct a balance sheet of your own balancing your assets (abilities) and liabilities (duties).
In order to have a self audit, first classify your qualities in three different categories, i.e. physical traits, intelligence traits and personality traits. Each of these traits of your may have some similarities and some differences from the general masses. The similarities which are present in the majority of the masses are known as general behavior, and the exceptions make you unique. These exceptions can either be positive or negative. In case of a positive exception individual is remarked with plus points while negative exceptions devalue your reputation.

The relation of self audit and job is a direct one. One ought not to apply for a job if it doesn’t match with the physical, intelligence and or personality traits. And in other case one if wants to have a particular job which doesn’t match with his traits, he should try to fit his traits in accordance with the job requirements. For instance, some physical traits like height and build etc specify some particular jobs, intelligence in its various forms, i.e. musical, verbal mathematical intelligence etc plays key role in determining one’s career.

Keeping the personality in view and concentrating on likes and dislikes if one is fond of outing and cannot work while sitting on a single desk for long; he should opt for some out door job. Similarly if one is blessed with leadership and management capabilities he should make his best in management related career.

Self audit is a key role in determining your success in the career of your choice and the opportunities you need to avail, so don’t forget to have it before planning to pursue a career.

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  1. Well,, “self audit” … that’s a new exciting concept…!!! Thanks for introducing!

    According to Socrates, “those who can’t do ‘self accountability’, don’t deserve to be called as humans.”

    This “Self Accountability” is not specific to any job or career purpose. It’s a continuous evaluation of self actions, behaviours and attitudes. Through this process, ‘humans’ identify their previous mistakes and try to avoid commiting same or similar mistakes in future. “Accountability” applies only to acknowledging self wrong doings with the view to ensure better self conduct and behaviour in future. It is “self assessment” which can be applied for determining both positive and negative aspects of self. Unlike “self accountability”, this “self assessment” can be used for negative purposes as well. For example a “self assessment” for a robber would be that he would consider many cruel, unjust and negative self qualities as his plus points for his next planning.

    If the same robber becomes a “human” and starts “self accountability”, then …….

    Obviously now he will repent on his wrong profession and ………………………..!

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