Success in an interview: just at your doorstep

Generally a candidate is evaluated for a specific job on the basis of physical, mental, and psychological behaviors he exhibits during the interview. This behavioral makeup of the candidate steals the show if it’s favorable and not such thing in case of unfavorable behavior. The physical behavior is determined by evaluating the action while the mental and psychological behavior is evaluated on the basis of verbal communication held during the interview.

The favorable attitudes of physical behavior include, early or timely arrival, confident and smiling, tidily and formally dressed, clear and pleasant tone of voice, responsiveness, determined attitude, and relaxed. On the other hand there are some unfavorable attitudes with reference to physical behavior of the candidate, which makes one be sunk. The unfavorable physical behavior may include, late arrival, badly dressed, diffident or offensive tone of voice, lacking determination, lacking concentration, tense and nervous.

Physical behavior of the candidate is though of prime importance, but if not exactly favorable can be covered by exhibiting excellently in verbal communication. This success needs one to be more concentrating on the main point or topic, express the idea sharply and clearly, be organized and well planned in answering to the questions or presenting ideas, make good use of humor, be spontaneous and self originated while replying, answering to the point and relevantly, be frank, sincere and respectful, keep a good eye contact and maintaining the equal level of confidence through out the interview process.
While making your verbal communication most effective during interview do remember you should not lack confidence, do not over generalize the subject, avoid irrelevancy, arguing, criticism and casting the eyes downwards. Improper humor, deviation from the theme, lack of organization, long pauses and inability to respond spontaneously can also affect your interview negatively.

Getting interviewed is not a big deal if one displays all physical and verbal behaviors in a positive way. Success is all yours if the opportunity is availed by putting a little effort and a full concentration. Favorable and unfavorable attitudes are the part of life but while being more specific to an opportunity it’s no wisdom to display any of the negative elements. Just be focused on the interview and win the battle.

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  1. Great post! I run a sales blog and I think this advice would be a valuable there as it is here. The fact of the matter is, a job interview is nothing more than a selling situation in which YOU are the product. I think there are very few people who could not benefit from some very basic sales training.

    Again great post!

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