Stair Lift: An innovation in Lifts’ Family

Time has always brought revolutions in human life. From caves to today’s skyscrapers, the human history is full of remarkable conquests. This has leaded the man to the new arenas of growth and development. On broader level, once it was too difficult to travel and communicate across the continents, now the internet technologies have reduced all the distances. At domestic level once people with physical disorder used to have trouble moving within their home, making them sicker and others tensed, now the stairlifts have solved this problem.

The working of chair lift and stair lift is approximately bases on same principles; the only difference is the purpose. Chair lift is the amusement tool and the stair lift is a necessity. While exploring about this product I’ve found some very delicate samples of stair lift on Valuestairlifts’ Website. Here’s one of them.

A Sample from

It’s very true that having a stair lift for people having difficulty in climbing stairs is not less than a blessing.

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  1. What are stairlifts
    A stair lift is a chair attached to a track that is bolted down onto a staircase. There are no structural changes made to the home. The lift can be used for carrying a person, laundry, groceries, or luggage up and down the stairs with a push of a button. Popular convenience features include swivel seats that turn away from the staircase, remote controls that send or call the lift to another floor, and a folding track at the lower landing to make the most out of small hallway space. The lifts plug into standard household outlets. Stair lifts can be placed on either side of the staircase. I found some interesting stairlifts on the site of ThyssenKrupp Accessibility. Especially their new stair lift for narrow stairs can be very useful in many situations.

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