Creating Sound Mind in a Sound Body

According to Aristotle, ‘education is the process of creating sound mind in the sound body’. As any process needs a planning at the back end in order to get the desired results, education also needs planning. And this planning is based on the Educational Philosophy. James Ross relates education and philosophy as ‘two sides of a coin’. This relation has also been described by John Adams, for him ‘education is the dynamic side of philosophy’.

What is educational philosophy or what is the role of philosophy in education are the major questions need to be answered. Many thinkers are of the opinion that philosophy is not something to be addressed publicly as general public doesn’t understand its essence. So it’s better to address such issues at intellectual level. I, however, contradict to this opinion with reference to Educational Philosophy. As per my research and understanding and what I’ve observed in most of the works on education, it’s a continuous process of changing the behaviour of an individual and a society in order to make them better live their lives.

I’ve some grounds for Educational philosophies to be addressed to general public. These grounds are as follows.

Education and culture:

Education is considered to be a tool of cultural conversation. Cultural conversation doesn’t mean to stick with the unnecessary customs, instead its more progressivism. Education makes one to explore the rights and wrongs with in a culture and to select the best. This aspect of Educational philosophy demands to make general public aware of this fact. So that people aiming to be culturally enriched should take the advantage of Education.

Citizenship and Social Efficiency:

The ultimate desire of individuals particularly and a society in general has always been the social up gradation. This progress has fortunately or unfortunately only one way. And that is better living. Sufficient income leads towards a healthy body first which is according to Aristotle is the requirement of a sound mind, and this sound mind when thinks and re arranges the facts comes up with inventions, innovations and comfort tools. In order to have a sound mind one needs a healthy body and this healthy body can only be maintained by good earning which is not possible until one has some skills. Education provides these skills, so it needs this philosophy should be publicized in order to let people know about the importance of education for their survival.

Personal Development:

Personal development is the highest stage of the educational aims, and the importance of this particular aspect can only be identified if the above discussed aspects manage to penetrate in the general public’s mind.

The points discussed above are the general aspects of educational aims, the specific category also exists but that category needs to be addressed only to the related masses.
The purpose of this writing is not only to insist the public exposure to the educational philosophy, but also to identify a major fact that education cannot achieve its ultimate objectives until the end user is willing to accept it as a constructive tool.

Educational policies cannot be successful until these are in accordance with the mental capabilities and approaches of the general masses. In fact this made me to think that as educational philosophies differ from culture to culture. So in order to create a sound mind in a sound body, developing a philosophy of educational setup for a particular group or society or a country is not the first step, instead the first step is to identify the present behaviour, so that the back end should be coded according to the requirement.

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