The Leadership Styles

While exploring some literature about leadership, i’ve come across some leadership styles, which really attracted my attention so thought to share on blog. Well, the leadership styles to be discussed here are as follows:

1- Superleader:

A superleader is considered to be the most efficient kind of leader as he’s the one who develops the ability to think among his followers. His followers need a very little guideline from him. The superleader actually teaches his followers to eliminate negative thinking, and to make them able to work independently.

2- Servant Leader:

such kind of leader practices an approach whereby the main aim of the leader is to satisfy the others needs and interests by himself rather than motivating them to do their selves. Such type pf leaders are found to be better fit in Human Resources
Departments. Their special characteristics are that they are good listeners, persuasive, aware of the surroundings and empathetic.

3- Enterprenueral Leader:

This type of leader is one self-employed and plays a critical role in the organization. Such person is actually the risk taker.

4- Coach:

Coach is also a style of leader. Such leader closely resembles in superleader, he actually identifies the mistakes and flaws of his followers and then suggest them the right strategy. Such leader possesses good listening skill and acts as a great emotional support for his followers.

All the four styles of leadership are of equal importance, but the success depends on which style suits best to a particular organization or a social or political network.

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