Karachi In the Line of Fire!

Walking on Shahra-e-Faisal early in the morning, while coming back from college, or even just watching the never stopping traffic from the window of my house, it’s always been a great pleasure for me to admire the great Sahara-e-Faisal in one way or other. I don’t know what’s that so much attractive in the Shahra, that made me to fall in love with it. Not only Shahra, but Karachi in its totality is my first love.

Though my origin is not from there, but m’ a Karachiite by soul. I even don’t know the reason for my love, but I must say that the city has the capacity to adjust all sorts of people in it. Karachi is also investor’s love being the economic engine of the country, and unluckily it’s been the love of political parties as well, not to garnish its beauty but to scratch its image for their personal benefits.

I’m not in the city now, but my love is still same, I still remember the free home delivery of Student’s Biryani, I still remember Sind High Court building where I been with my father, I still remember the traffic jam at M.A Jinnah road whenever going to buy a bundle of books from Urdu Bazar, and above all the Sea View which in fact I miss. While recalling my memories, I always found a peace and a sort of comfort for my soul, but what? It just made me to cry while watching my city today on television.

My people dying! My city in the flames! What’s all that? Where do we stand? What we’re doing? Who’s getting benefited from all this, one who was the only hope of his family, one who’s children are waiting outside the ICU, one who’s instructing from the distant continent, one who’s stuck with the chair or one who’s collecting the sympathies for the justice? It really made me perplexed…! My city does need sacrifices, but not in the way it happened today. Sacrifice is what brings peace of mind and soul, does all this bring such? Is this the way we’ll find peace? No, not at all!

I know my voice cannot access each and every citizen, but if some of them can have it, that may make a difference. At this moment we need to realize who we are, what we’re doing presently and what we ought to do. Ruining the peace of the city, destroying public property, killing the innocents, and deploying the beauty of the city is not the way out of our political problems. These issues need to be addressed on rational grounds, on the basis of equality and equity, and for the cause of societal benefit.

We need the institutionalization of society, and justice to be placed at the top while formulating any strategy for us. We need coordination, integrity, mutual understanding, and collective efforts for the outgrowth of the national moral. And that’s what I hope, can bring the beauty of my city back which’s the face of Pakistan.

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