Smart Nursing!

With the various developments on the global stage, the world has become very fast. Since no one has time to waste, the innovative methods of saving the time are being introduced. Many of the troublesome objects are being replaced by the quicker and easy to use ones. Same kind of situation is in the field of medical, doctors and nursing staff being so much busy has no time to waste. Saving time also results as a smart war of living. The hot object being responsible for smart nursing is nursing scrubs.

This is the smart way of replacing the nursing staff’s uniform with easy to use scrubs. It’s in much demand now a day as it’s very convenient to wash a scrub rather than the uniform. It also looks very delicate. And the most important of all, it’s very economical. The practice is mostly based in US and European region, but I think, if our nurses are going to have same sort of ease, not only their working capacity will increase by saving time, but it will also make them look much better than they look in white uniform

Though it’s a good tip to make the work life convenient, but still some people oppose it. But it’s not a big deal as innovations have always been facing a bit of criticism. And if benefits of an object are more than that of its drawbacks, one should go for the benefits.

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  1. Yaqoob Alkindi has discussed Time and Space. According to him, space and time are having some contrasting characteristics. Like in Space, we can move onward, backward, upward, downward etc. etc.

    In time, we move only on onward side. In space, it is we who move. In time, it is the time which moves.

    After reading these things, I got the idea that actually it is possible to move backside in time as well. I spent a lot of time on evaluating the validity of that idea. I still think that time can be made to move backside as well. I shall try to explain this thing in detail because I still have to write on Time and Space. But as a matter of fact, backward movement of time is possible only in principle. It is not possible in practice.

    We are given only a limited span of time. Our movement in space, towards whatever direction consumes our limited span of time. If we want to cover more distance in space, then we should continue to move only on onward side. We consume our time if we are going onward side in space. We waste time if we go backward side in space. If we never waste our time, soon we shall leave all others far behind.

    Practically time cannot be made to move backside. But practically, we can move only on onward side in space. But to move only on onward side in space is not natural because it would be against the natural characteristic of space that we can move in it towards any side. More natural is actually a circular movement around a central object. Like Earth circling around Sun etc. etc.

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