Economics of Film Industry!

It was a class room of B.Com final, I remember. After a long discussion and analysis of Industries of Pakistan, I just reviewed the performance of major industries of Pakistan. Then I asked the students if we’re left with any major industry. I was just about to leave the class when a voice stroke in my ears from the last row, “Ma’am, we’ve left a very important industry! I glanced at the writing board again and just relaxed, as everything was ok. But student was still insisting that we’ve left a top most important industry and its analysis is crucial not only for upgrading the standard of living but also for upgrading their moral character. On request he revealed the industry but I just considered as a mere joke, it was the mighty ‘film industry’.

Though I took it as a joke at that time, but pondering on the issue later, I found that the student was more than 100% right. Film industry is in fact an important organ of performing arts in the country. I really don’t know the depths of performing arts, but I think the main purpose of performing arts is to express the social problems of masses and to convince them to have positive attributes so that the society can become prominent among others and the culture to be preserved.

Unfortunately, Pakistani film industry has not undergone such status of fostering minds towards development; instead it’s turned no stone untouched to deploy the cultural values, moral norms and societal standard of the people in Pakistan. By following the neighbour culture in an awkward manner, we’ve not only commited the crime of moral degradation but also lost our identity.

The vulgar outfits, non sense poetic expressions, poor dialogue delivery, technical mismanagement, pirated scripts, stupid love happening story plots etc all have contributed to deploy the performance of this sector. Attention seeking social issues has never been the part of film mania, and thus no social development can be entitled to this sector. Even the titles of the movies have always been objectionable, i.e. ‘kala gujjar’, representing gun and gandasa culture. I’ve never observed any educated gujjar to be the hero aiming to develop his domain or having an achievement in the movie, while in real, our Punjab is full of such gujjars.

What’s wrong if our writers, directors and producers do some research oriented work, and represent the true essence of our culture, values, and society? I don’t think it’s something improper. When we’ll have research oriented, new work, that’ll bring the common man to cinemas and industry, will go great guns. On the other hand society will be morally developed, if true problems are stated and suggestions are given in effective manner.

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