A man purchased a piece of land with the intention to build a house their for his family, he then consulted the architect, hired the builders and finally the house got built after a tedious time of four months. The family lived in the house for years and kept on altering its parts as per requirements. After some 20 years when man’s children got grown up they found the house ‘old-fashioned’ so decided to demolish it, so the house was demolished in an instance.

Goodwill, with reference to its development has same criteria as it is for the construction of a house or a building. As a building takes months or years to get structured and constructed, goodwill requires a series of good deeds. ‘Good deeds’ are the building blocks of good will. These building blocks alone have no recognition, instead when they are kept in a series they make a string called ‘good will’. And this chain cannot be broken by any thing else than deed it self. Such deed is infact not a good one and acts a ‘cut’ in the string, with which the string breaks.
This phenomenon of goodwill is actually, a part of human nature. This is much followed strategy in social context. Societies remember an individual within them, only by his deeds, either good or bad. A good deed of one obliges him to continue same behaviour in future, and if he does so he’s awarded by ‘good will’ in the particular society, and if he happens to discontinue the chain with a ‘not so good deed’, the past chain of deeds is ignored and his ‘good will’ is kept no more with him.

Mathematically we can simplify this feature of societies in such a way thay one has undergone one hundred good deeds, i.e. +100, and after that he happened to undego a ‘not so good behaviour’, i.e -1, when this negative deed will get multiplied with previous 100 positive deeds, the product will be a negative figure.

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  1. Sometimes people make castles of sand. Then they realize that they cannot live in. Then they destroy it with their own hands. Their effort is wasted but they had only sand to work on. They get experience of constructing sand castles. They observe other marvelous buildings. They copy them using the only thing which they possess i.e. sand. After another successful construction, they again destroy them with their own hands. They actually make no goodwill at all. No one takes notice of their ability to construct castles. Because they themselves destroy their final product. So no one makes investment by providing them the necessary solid raw materials. These people do not need recognition in the eyes of other people. They are satisfied that they are able to construct sand castles!

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