Who am I?

Who am I?

Sometimes I ponder

And even wonder

Who am I?

Pakistani, Chinese, Asian

Or a free citizen of global village

I’m Pakistani, being borne here

No m’ Chinese having parents origin there

Oh! I’m baffled

M’ Pakistani, but love China

M’ Chinese but love to live in Pakistan

No, no this isn’t my identity

I’m Asian

But listen………!

He’s Asian, she’s Asian, and they all are.

Where am I among them?

Or being Asian what’s new?

I’ve the same eyes an Arab has

The same nose a European has

And the same brain an American has.

Oh God! I’m lost

My identity, my individuality….

Is found nowhere


I think I found

Yes, I found my identity

It’s some where very near to me

It lies in my thoughts

In my deeds

Oh yes! It’s my inner self, that’s me.

***I’ve never expressed my self in poetic context ever. and this is my first poem ever, which i wrote to present my idea on “National identities Session” organized by British Council Pakistan (My theme was Multiple identity). I wrote these words by placing myself in the shoe of my Chinese friend (born in Pakistan but has parents’ origin of China) whom i met in the “University Students’ Project”.

11 Responses

  1. Really Nice 🙂

    I traveled far to reach a goal so near me.

  2. @Deus Ex Machina

    Thnx a lot,

    And yes title is also a good one!


  3. Inner-self is equipped with innate or pre-given “tendencies”. Then in the childhood period, the immediate environment draws those impressions on inner-self that ultimately become the “judgment criteria” for all the future life experiences. At a later stage, we interact with the larger environment. Although we tend to judge that larger environment on the basis of above mentioned “judgment criteria” but sometimes the larger environment also successfully moulds our “judgment criteria” for making assessments of still future experiences.

    So for the most part, our iner-self remains pre-occupied by the priorities or patterns set by the immediate environment in the early childhood. Our inner-self in this way also “belongs” to particular external location or area. You (i.e. your inner-self) are NOT Chinese in any way. If you insist then I shall take your test by asking you to tell translation of some Chinese text.

    If you want to ‘cosmopolitize’ your inner-self … you should continuously update your judgment critera after interacting with any new valid information. Secondly instead of waiting that any larger environment shall interact with you … you should approach new environments at your own.

    While figuring out whether I was a Pakistani or Eastern or a Cosmopolitian … My finding was that I should be a Cosmopolitan in the sense that I should not keep any baseless prejudice or hostility against others. But I should be Pakistani or Eastern in the sense that in case any benefit could arise out of me … that should be the first right of Pakistan or East. But if this Pakistan or East refuse to take this benefit, then all others can rightfully take that benefit.

    And your idea of presenting the topic in the form of poem is wonderful and intersting. Did you really present the topic poetically…???

  4. look, am in hurry and shall give comments in detail later….
    i ll just say now that u r extra genious MashaAllah

  5. for Khurram
    khuram, u r really doing very well
    your efforts are really appriciable
    i pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY for ur success in exams
    take care ALLAH HAFIZ

  6. @Khuram,

    I agree with your views. For me poetry is a dramatic expression, which gimmicks the attraction of others, and dramatic expression may be anti-rationalist sometimes, so i use to avoid such kind of expression in my writings. But as far as this piece of poetry is concerned, i did it just to make my group prominent among all in the “New National Identities” Project, and i succeeded.


    Thnx a lot sir for such a grand title. Hope to have your say on other writings of mine as well.


  7. send me difrent articals of ” the impact of foriegn direct investment on poverty reduction in pakistan”
    with thanx

  8. Aslam-o-alikum!
    I have just got a perfect material from this web page and i found it really very useful. U have MASHALLAH done a great job.
    Looking for more knowledge from this page.
    May ALLAH bless u!

  9. Excellenet Poem!!!!

  10. Alot of characteristics in a single soul Really deserves to be kidnapped…nice context,BTW i have travelled from V7N to watch out who is actually dare !!

  11. @shabaz

    Thanks for the comments, and hope your click journey from v7n would’ve been a pleasant one!

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