Iqbal’s Falsafa (English Translation)

Youth’s thinking is either open or privy.
Is not hidden from a Sufi’s eye.

I’m aware of, how your present is
For I crossed this road years ago

Wise don’t baffle the words’ perplexity
Do divers target shell rather than pearl?

Wisdom that aspirants bear
Turns the baby flame into flare.

The truth that the heart approves
Values more than the pearl

Philosophy is dying…..! Or dead!
Essence of which, is not the sweat blood

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3 Responses

  1. what poem exactly is translated, i m unable to come up with real urdu poem?

  2. Adnan,

    The original poem is “Falsafa”.


  3. It is a good attempt ot translate the Iqbal’s “FALSAFA”

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