Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

Men are from Mars Women are From Venus…..They can’t live with them, they can’t live without them! (John Gray)

Life on Mars

Martians value power, professionalism, competency, efficiency and achievement. They believe in ‘things’ and ‘objects’ rather then ‘feelings. They do things to prove their efficiency. Every thing on Mars reflects their competence, i.e. engineers, cab-drivers, police officers, soldiers, businessman, scientist.

They do not read magazines like ‘Psychology’, ‘Today’, ‘Self’ etc, instead they are more interested in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, business, racing cars etc. They are careless about romance, novels and self-help books. 

An important way of life on Mars is that, they do not ask for help, and do not share what they feel. Instead they try to solve their matters themselves. If a Martian asks for help, at that time he’s considered to be the weakest person. In other words asking for help is not in Martians’ nature. Here no one renders her services(help) until he’s asked for that.

Life on Venus

Life on Venus is totally opposite of that of life on Mars. The most influencing element of Venusians’ life is ‘feelings’. For them professionalism, competency and achievement are of secondary importance, first importance goes to feelings. They are very conscious about their dress, even they express their feelings by their colourful dresses.

They are much concerned about indoor activities and spend most of their time in reading magazines, novels and books to improve their selves.

Unlike Martians, Venusians believe in sharing of feelings. Even if no one can help them out, they feel better by sharing their matter. On Venus if a woman is upset, all others leave their work and go to share her problem and give her suggestions. For a woman, her problem is half solved if it is shared.

How did they meet?

One day Martians were looking at Venus through their telescopes. Suddenly they saw remarkably beautiful creatures there; they immediately fell in love with them. So they decided to go to Venus . They prepared a space craft and took off towards Venus. Finally they landed on Venus. When women on Venus saw them they also fell in love with them, they spent a long time there trying to understand each other’s way of living, needs, thinking, and they succeeded. They learnt empathy, care, love, and understanding each others point of view. They also learnt that they are from different planets and hence they have different life styles, so one must not interfere the others way of thinking and behaving.

Why they have conflicts?

One thing which was common in both the creatures was their restless nature. After spending a long time on Venus, both Martians and Venusians felt bore, so they decided to go to another planet named ‘Earth’. They used the same space craft to travel. Their journey was very pleasant until they were away from the Earth’s atmosphere. When they entered into Earth’s atmosphere, there came a sudden change in them. Their memory erased and they forgot everything that they have understood about each other.

When they landed on Earth they forgot that they are from different planets, and they have different way of thinking and behaving. Men demanded women to behave professionally. For men women should behave in a competitive manner and think in men’s style. On the contrary women demanded men to behave in their style, to understand feelings and to leave competency.

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3 Responses

  1. But… Excuse Me… John Gray,, Neither women are incompetent, nor men lack something in emotions… because…. neither women have come from venus, nor men from mars… Both belong to same earth… hahaha…….!!!

  2. it was a nice read!

  3. Great! i really appreciate your efforts for such entertaining and iformation articles. i salute u.

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