An Essay on Man’s Life

God created the donkey first and blessed him with fifty years of age. When god sent the donkey on the earth he told him that he is blessed with fifty years of age but no wisdom and he has to carry the burdens on his back. His duty is to carry loads and not to care for himself. Donkey thought that if he is not given the wisdom, and for the whole life he has to carry loads of others so he has nothing to do with those fifty years. He requested the God to take back thirty years and give only twenty years to him. God did so and donkey’s age was set to be twenty.

Then God created the monkey and blessed him with twenty five years of age. God told the monkey that he is given the ability to climb from one tree to another tree and copy others, so he has to do what others are doing, and he will not have the ability to do something new from his own mind and he has to live for twenty five years. Monkey thought that copying others will be very interesting but doing nothing with his own mind for a very long time, i.e. twenty five years will be too much. So he requested the God to take back fifteen years from his age. God agreed and monkey was awarded with ten years of age.

After that God created the dog. Dog was blessed with twenty years of age but no wisdom. Dog was supposed to be faithful and loyal to his master and take good care of his master, eat whatever master gives him and if master doesn’t give him any thing to eat, he ought not to complain for it. Dog agreed to be faithful and loyal servant of his master but he demanded for a decrease in his duty time. Dog felt that twenty years will be more than enough for him so he requested the God to take back ten years and he kept only ten years with him.

After the creation of donkey, monkey and dog, God created the man. Man was blessed with wisdom and was given twenty years of age. When God sent him to the earth he told him that he has to find out the secrets of nature and has to conquer the world by using his wisdom in twenty years. Man said, oh God! as I have to explore the world and conquer it, I’d need much time as this is not possible in twenty years, so do one thing that give me that age which donkey, monkey and dog have returned. God accepted the man’s request and awarded him the returned age of other animals.

Now the early twenty years of age is man’s own life, care free of worries and tensions. In this time period man lives his life at its best. He’s free of any family responsibility or career planning. He enjoys most of his time with friends and family. He takes interests in every that thing which fascinates and gimmick him. Potentials and aims are at their optimum position in this age.

After spending his own life, man enters in the life time gifted by donkey; in this time period (from twenty to fifty years) man has to carry the load of family responsibilities. He starts working for his loved ones. He does not care for himself instead he tries hard to fulfill the requirements of his family. He keeps on carrying loads up to fifty years, where he gets retire from his job and his problems seem to be lessen when he gets free from the educational and marriage responsibilities of his children.

When man finishes the donkey’s life he enters into a monkey’s life. Now he climbs from one child’s house to another’s, he’s not able to stay completely with one of them. He copies the rules and regulations and habits of his child’s family and tries to act at his best. In this age his abilities to generate new ideas and intentions to have vigorous life abandon.

Finally man reaches to a dog’s life whereby he becomes loyal to one of his child who cares more for him. He keeps on caring for that child and his children. Sometimes if his child does not take care of him he doesn’t mind it and keeps on doing good things for him. Now he doesn’t move to one child from another instead he stays at only one place up to the death.

This is all about man’s life average age of seventy five years, twenty his own, thirty donkey’s ten monkey’s and ten dog’s

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  1. I have gone through your blog today and went through “Man’s Life”. I appreciate you for such a justifiable debate on man’s life. Keep it up and God bless you,


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